Creta Royal Hotel

COVID-19 Update

Skaleta, Rethymno – Crete

01st April 2021

Check-in/ Check-out

  • Will there be contact with the reception during check-in?

The quick check-in process will take place at 2 different points at the reception area, under the guidance of its staff.

  • Is check-in and check-out conducted at the same time?

Standard check-in is now at 15:00 and check-out is at 11:00.


  • Can I pay in cash?

It is strongly recommended that you pay for your daily accommodation expenses, using your credit card (cash will be accepted only in exceptional cases).

Social Distancing

  • How are you safely managing social distancing?

Discreet floor stickers are placed in front of the reception, as well as in the restaurant and buffet areas to maintain social distance.

Tables and chairs in all restaurants and bars are distributed, according to the Greek legislation. Also, all breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals in main and the rest of the restaurants require pre-booking.

Booking lists will only allow a certain number of clients per time slot.

Several areas will have specially designed signs to remind our visitors to keep their distance.

Information will be available to everyone.


  • If there are lifts, are you keeping the lift keys sanitized & how many guests are allowed per lift?

Elevators can only be used by one person or a family of one room at a time.

It is recommended to use the stairs for the first 2 floors.

Outside every lift, Disinfection Dispensers will be installed for the use of guests.

Rooms / Housekeeping

  • How many times will I receive housekeeping services and linen changing?

Housekeeping services and daily change of linen is temporary stopped as a standard procedure. There is an ‘’option in’’ procedure installed for room cleaning and linen changing by giving a call to the Reception.

To obtain better cleaning and hygiene, all kinds of decorative objects (pillows, bed runners), as well as extra bed linen sets will be removed from guest’s rooms.

All printed multi-purpose information material will be removed and will be digitally available on the TVs in the rooms.

  • Will mini bar service be available in my room?

Mini bar service is temporary stopped as a standard procedure. All you need will reach you through room service.

  • How are you deep-cleaning regularly multi-use items, such as keys, key cards and safes, TV remotes and light switches?

All multi-use info material will be discontinued and will be available digitally on the room TVs.

Key cards and keys will be disinfected and given to the guest in a sealed envelope and will not be given back to the reception until check out. TV & AC controls will be sanitized before every arrival.

Guests’ health

  • Are you giving every guest a temperature check to make sure no one staying there is sick?

No, we will follow the Action Plan enforced by the legislation of the Hellenic Ministry of Health that recommends a dedicated doctor that will drive the procedure of any guests develops symptoms of COVID- 19.

  • What is the standard procedure of the hotel if a guest is suspended with COVID- 19?

We will follow the Action Plan as per the legislation of the Hellenic Ministry of Health.

  • The use of Mask is Mandatory?

A new decision for mandatory use of a mask during your stay was published in the Official Gazette . Specifically, as emphasized in the decision, there is an “obligation to use a mask in public gathering places: In commercial enterprises, service companies, office spaces (public services or private enterprises) and other closed and open public gathering places, not included However, in restaurants, the obligation to use a non-medical mask is imposed, in the context of the emergency measures to deal with the risk of the spread of the coronavirus.

Swimming Pools and Beaches

  • What are the procedures and measures at the hotel's swimming pools and beaches?

According to the pre-determined protocols, the umbrellas around the pools will have an increased distance between them and the sunbeds will be at least 2 meters away from each other to each direction.

The distance between the umbrellas on the beaches will be greater, with a minimum of 3 meters to each direction.

In the pools, is allowed one person per 5 sq. m. of water surface.

Before and after using swimming pools, clients must take a shower, using soap.

It is recommended to wash your feet, before entering the pools, as well as the constant use of anti-slip flip flops outside.

Please do not use swimming pools, in case of skin conditions, for example extensive abrasions or open wounds.


  • What are the basic hygiene standards that the staff will follow?

Every Hotels staff Team Member will strictly comply with the basic protective measures against COVID-19 announced by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Hellenic Ministry of Health. All Team Members have received training for their health monitoring and the hotel is following staff’s medical screening procedure. Every Team Member will wear disposable gloves and masks throughout their entire shift.

Food & Beverage

  • Will breakfast be held for all guests at the same time?

No, there will be different slots and each client needs to pre-book the available slot, by using our application or at the reception desk.

  • Will there be limited seating arrangement during lunch or dinner in restaurants?

Yes, based on the COVID health and safety standards, tables and chairs in all F&B departments are placed, according to legislation.

  • Will hotel buffet be operating as normal?

Yes, it will. Kitchen Team Members will assist you, to be served from the buffet. The access to the buffets while be controlled.

The Staff will clean and disinfect all buffet surfaces, according to our reinforced cleaning and sanitation plan.

  • Will restaurants and bars be operating as normal?

Yes, they will. A reservation will be required, through our application or the reception desk. Please note that all cutlery, crockery, and glassware will be washed and disinfected in high temperatures and finally, all trays and other service equipment will be disinfected after each use. Our Restaurant Team Members will serve you, using appropriate mask and gloves.


  • Will the hotel animation operate as usual?

A variety of open-air activities will be carried out, always in accordance with the measures set by the Protocol of the Greek Government. Group activities are not allowed at this time.

In the area of Star camp, only outdoor activities will take place, while indoor activities are not allowed, always according to the Protocol of the Greek Government.

Gym/ Indoor pool

  • Will the gym, the Underwater Music Bar and the indoor pool operate?

No, the gym, & the indoor pool at Creta Star will not be operating temporarily, under Greek legislation.

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